fresh, delicious, AND
most importantly local!

Farm-fresh produce, grown and harvested specially for you at our urban farm in the heart of Singapore.


By getting a Citizen Box, you are helping to create a healthier and more inclusive way of farming that supports local urban farmers and create jobs for socially disadvantaged people.


What is citizen box?

Citizen Box is a weekly subscription box that is full of healthy, sustainably-grown greens for you and your family.
Each box will contain a variety of vegetables, herbs, microgreens, mushrooms, and even flowers from time to time. 

Why subscribe?

As fresh as it gets

The bulks of the produce is grown right here on the farm, and harvested within a day of reaching you. No long plane rides, no middleman. Straight from our farm to ​your dinner table.

healthy and safe

Our produce is healthy and safely grown. We do not believe in using excessive chemical pesticides just to increase our yield. We do believe in good old fashion weeding and natural concoctions to repel pests.
knowing your farmers

An open concept farm means that you know who grows your food. You no longer have to settle for produce grown in places you don't know, or in conditions and standards you are unsure about. 

What's in the box?

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Our best-selling kale, and other varieties of Asian greens, are grown right here at our farm. Some of them are grown in our modular container farms using the hydroponics system. Every condition like temperature and humidity is closely monitored to ensure a higher yield.

Farmers Han, Aqram and Edwin are in charge of our leafy greens and our modular container farm.

Most of the garden produce, such as fruiting vegetables, asian greens, edible flowers and herbs in your box, are grown in our lush and ever-changing outdoor garden, and tended to by the team's meticulous green thumbs. 

Our team of growers - Alexis, Joep, Rebecca, Ryan and volunteers like Mikael take care in each step of the process, be it seeding, weeding, mulching or harvesting of these produce.

Microgreens are up to 40 times more nutritious than their adult counterparts, and pack an intense flavour punch!

Sidney, Fann, Yijie, Amit, Angeline, Clare, Jonathan, and Joshua make up the team that grows more than 30 varieties of micro- greens like Confetti Coriander, Pea Tendrils, Nasturtium, Red Veined Sorrel, and more.

We also work closely with local and regional farm partners to include goodies like zucchini, mushrooms, cauliflower, momotaro tomatoes and more! This enables us to give you variety beyond what we can grow. 

We make sure that the partners we work with grow produce responsibly. We either work with certified organic farms, or we personally know and trust the farmers themselves. 

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how to subscribe?

$35 a week
FOR a 12-week
total: $470.80​
  • Includes 2 Citizen Box cooler bags at $10 each (worth $15 each)  
  • Includes GST
  • Excludes delivery surcharge
  • NEW! Share a 12-week subscription with a friend! Register up to two delivery addresses per subscription. Delivery periods may overlap; split the duration as you wish. Read more about this in the FAQ under the Subscribe Form!

Upfront payment is required, for us to buy seeds, soil and other materials we need to grow the produce for your Citizen Box.

$40 A WEEK 
total: $363.80
  • Includes 2 Citizen Box cooler bags at $10 each (worth $15 each) 
  • Includes GST
  • Excludes delivery surcharge
Upfront payment is required, for us to buy seeds, soil and other materials we need to grow the produce for your Citizen Box.

One size only


Your box includes leafy greens, fruiting veggies or mushrooms, microgreens and herbs! Each week, you will receive at least 7 units of mixed produce, consisting of:

  • Leafy greens / Asian leafys: 1-3 varieties

  • Fruiting veggies / Mushrooms: 2-3 varieties

  • Microgreens: 3-4 varieties

  • Culinary Herbs: 1 variety

  • Fruits, edible flowers and medicinal varieties: Bonus!

The contents of the box will vary slightly week to week. 

Self CollectioN OR DELIVERY

Citizen Box with carrier.jpg
Self collection at queenstown farm

Address: 60 Jalan Penjara. 


Please come via Margaret Drive; for those taking public transport, it is a 10-minute walk from Queenstown MRT. The nearest bus stop is Queenstown Public Library (buses 122 and 32).

Self-collection window:

Wednesdays:  0830 - 1630

Fridays: 0830 - 1630

Please note:

All subscribers opting for self-collection must comply with the following measures:

  1. Visit the farm on your designated self-collection day

  2. Upon arrival, scan SafeEntry QR code, call our staff and wait at the demarcated area to collect the Citizen Box (more details will be provided on confirmation)

  3. Walk-ins into the containers or walks around the farm are not permitted.

home delivery
Home delivery is available for a surcharge of $12.50 per trip.
Delivery days are Wednesdays and Fridays only (may be shifted when it is a public holiday).  Deliveries will arrive between 1000 and 1600.
Apologies that we are unable to specify exact timings as deliveries are planned according to locations for the day.
Upfront payment for delivery is required.


If you are travelling during that week you can ask a friend to pick up the box instead. 

If you are away for 4 weeks or more, please contact us 2 weeks in advance for the option to pause your subscription. 

WHY Edible garden city?

We’re a real farm

We are not a grocer and we do not use a middleman. We are farmers selling the produce directly to you. This means we don't make huge mark-ups on our prices, and you get the freshest possible food!

We are experienced growers 

We are not new to this. We have been producing high-quality, high-value crops like microgreens, herbs and edible flowers for more than 220 restaurants and bars in Singapore since 2012.

We’re socially inclusive

We work closely with the Autism Resource Center to help create employment opportunities for adults with autism. Supporting us will in turn support them!


“We're absolutely overjoyed with the weekly variety of fresh & locally grown greens and vegetables. Provides a quality addition to our homemade lunches and dinners that leave us feeling healthy and happy to support a local enterprise!” 


— Alice & Alasdair

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