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Ever dreamt of growing your own food at home, but didn't know how to start? This Father's Day, spend some quality time as a family and learn how to foster your green thumbs with our How to Start an Edible Garden at Home workshop.

Simply put: gardening is great! Not only do you get to taste the literal fruits of your labour, studies have also shown that gardening combats, stress, depression, and anxiety, and can contribute to better physical health.

Learn the basics of setting up your family's own edible garden at home, whether in your balcony, garden, or along your HDB corridor.

During this workshop, learn:

  • The types of herbs and vegetables that are suitable to be grown in our climate.
  • Light and soil requirements.
  • How to pick the best planting receptacle.
  • Pest management.
  • Considerations when gardening at home.


This workshop will include a hands-on portion, where participants will learn how to sow seeds and propagate stem cuttings. You'll be able to take your hands-on project (pot, potting mix and plants) home, along with an instructional handout that will guide you in your edible gardening journey.


Date: 15 June 2019, Saturday

Time: 330pm - 430pm, 5pm - 6pm
Venue: 10 Spottiswoode Park Road Singapore 088637

Price: $48 / pax, including all taxes and materials



How to Start an Edible Garden at Home workshop (15.06.2019)

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  • In the spirit of sustainable living and eco-consciousness, we would like to urge everyone to bring your own bag to carry your take-aways home after your workshop session!

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