Fertilising is incredibly important. It's an essential pick-me-up for our plants - especially if they are in fruiting and flowering season! In our next Pyjama-Based Learning workshop, our farmers share the tricks of the trade - how we make our own fertiliser using orange peels, as well as tried-and-tested products that we use on our farm.


Join us for Pyjama-Based Learning: Fertilising Our Plants and DIY Enzyme Fertiliser, and find out:

  • What is fertiliser and how to fertilise?
  • Identify common nutrient deficiency in plants.
  • Why and how is fertiliser is beneficial to plants?
  • What makes a good fertiliser?
  • Homemade vs store bought fertiliser.
  • When to use compost vs when to use fertiliser?
  • How to make your own orange enzyme fertiliser?


The virtual session includes a hands-on segment, where our trainers will guide you to make your own orange enzyme fertiliser. Orange enzyme fertilisers are made from fermenting orange peels with sugar and water. These enzyme cleaners are chemical-free, bio-degradeable and gentle on hands and the environment. They are commonly used to give our plants a little pick-me-up, but have uses beyond the garden as well! For instance, they can be used as cleaning agents or insect repellent! 


Participants are required to prepare a second-hand plastic container with a lid (those red-topped CNY cookie jars are perfect!), as well as any citrus peels you might have collected for the online session.


[To store citrus peels, try throwing them into a container in the fridge! This keeps them from rotting and smelling up the house.]


All materials will be shipped to you before the workshop, so that you can grow along with our trainers! Each participant will receive organic fertiliser that we use on the farm, fermented orange enzymes and a pack of black soldier fly compost. Class sizes will be kept very small, to give a more intimate experience despite the virtualness of it all, so sign up now!


This workshop is recommended for young adults and adults aged 13 and above. Please note that the online class will be conducted in English.


📆 03 October 2020, Saturday

⏰ 1030am to 12pm, 230pm to 4pm

🎟️ $48 / pax, including all taxes and materials


💻 ðŸŠ ♻️ ðŸŒ± ðŸ–¥ï¸

Pyjama-based Learning: Fertilising Our Plants & DIY Enzyme Fertiliser (03.10.20)

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