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Edible Garden City and The Knife Squirrel are excited to launch another session of our previously-sold out tool-centric workshop. “Tool Cool - Knife & Shears Maintenance Workshop” will guide you in techniques for polishing and sharpening your tools.


It is important to work with good tools. We all use cutting tools, whether you are a chef banging through 12 hour shifts, or a gardener with a comfortable pair of shears.


While shiny new tools have their appeal, sometimes, old is gold. Tools can be maintained to ensure that they are safe to use, and will continue to perform well. This workshop aims to equip you with the skills and resources to keep your tools in cutting condition.


During this workshop, learn:

- The science of sharpening and polishing.

- Terminology and definitions.

- The anatomy of a knife and what makes it cut.

- About different types of edges and how to treat them.


During the hands-on portion, you will:

- Learn and practise polishing techniques, with the equipment provided that you will be able to bring home.

- Learn and try your hand at sharpening your knife/shears using the whetstone method.


Participants will be required to bring their:

- Steel kitchen knives.

- Garden shears.

That they wish to practise on during the workshop's hands-on portion. Enquire at learn@ediblegardencity.com to check if your tool is suitable for the whetstone method.


Take home a sharpening kit worth $69, inclusive of:

- A Japanese #1000/#3000 sharpening stone

- Diamond plate.

- Soaking tub.

- Basic polishing materials. 


The Knife Squirrel is founded by Ryan Loh. He is a hydroponics farmer at Edible Garden City by day. But when Ryan isn’t busy kale-ing it, he becomes The Knife Squirrel. Armed with four years of experience working with knives, he gives chefs and home cooks knife consultations, sharpening their tools for them and advising them on the best knives for their needs.


This workshop is recommended for ages 13 and above. Please note that the workshop will be conducted in English.


📆 22 February 2020, Saturday

230pm to 530pm

📍 Edible Garden City, 60 Jalan Penjara, Singapore 149375

🎟 $82 / pax, including all taxes and materials

(Early Bird Promotion, Usual $95 / pax)



Tool Cool - Shears & Knife Maintenance Workshop (22.02.20)

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  • In the spirit of sustainable living and eco-consciousness, we would like to urge everyone to bring your own containers to recycle and to bring your own bag to carry your take-aways home after your workshop session!

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