Citizen Farm is the brainchild of Edible Garden City

Raffles City Singapore Rooftop Farm by EGC

ABOUT citizen Farm

At Citizen Farm, we aim to change the way people eat and live. Instead of consuming industrially-produced food shipped halfway across the globe, we want our community to thrive on sustainable, safe, and locally-grown fresh food.



In 2012, Edible Garden City was just a small team with a big dream. Back then, we built humble gardens for restaurants that shared the same goals and ideals: local, fresh, safe produce that meets the highest standards of quality and taste. Business trickled in as schools, malls, offices, and private residences all wanted edible gardens of their own too. Over the next few years, people started to take notice of this unique, hardworking little company. But like all farmers, we wanted a farm to call our own.


In 2016, we discovered a dilapidated, abandoned former prison and decided to give it a new lease of life. 60 Jalan Penjara was not going to be just a regular farm, but rather, a collective of farmers sharing a vision of bringing community and agriculture together for Singaporeans. Thus, CITIZEN FARM was born: a closed-loop urban farming system that integrates natural systems with modern technology, and a more robust and sustainable urban farming model for the world.



Our model features an array of different farming systems which grow the best quality produce with the least amount of waste. Unlike traditional farms, our agricultural byproducts are composted and upcycled into fertilizer, which goes back into nourishing the soil and plants. This circular economy is robust, sustainable, and what we believe to be the future of farming. 



We are passionate about hiring people from all backgrounds as well as those who are socially disadvantaged. Working with plants is therapeutic and rewarding, and our farm is specially designed to create a great work environment for everyone. We have worked with the Autism Resource Centre and the Down Syndrome Association of Singapore to provide employment for those with intellectual disabilities.



Our team includes some of the most sought-after talent in the industry, with deep and diverse experience from internationally recognized farms as well as food & beverage stalwarts.


We are a family of multi-faceted professionals with a common goal: to nurture and harvest the finest quality, best tasting, and most nutritious produce for you.


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